Qualification Workout 3

Workout 3 consists of 6 rounds deadlifts and shuttle runs within a timecap of 6 minutes. After every 2 rounds you have to add weight to your barbell, but therefore the number of reps goes down. You are only allowed to use one barbell and you have to change the weights by yourself. No help from anybody is allowed. Your score will be the number of reps completed within the timecap. Tiebreak: Time when ahtlete complete the the last set of shuttle runs.

WOD 3: deadlift fun (for time)
2 rounds of
12 deadlifts 100/65
8x 5m shuttle runs

2 rounds of
8 deadlifts 120/80
8x 5m shuttle runs

2 rounds of
4 deadlifts 140/90
8x 5m shuttle runs

Time cap = 6 minutes | score = time / reps

• barbell
• collars
• standard bumper plates

deadlifts: each deadlift starts with the bar on the ground and you have to finish each rep with your hips and knees fully extended.
shuttle runs: start your first run with both feet behind the line. Every shuttle run ends with 2 feet and one hand on the ground clearly behind the second 5m line.

• Athlete must show video, when asked and provide within 48 hours.
• The athlete must be on screen for the whole video and timer must be seen.
• Before starting the workout, the athlete has to give notice about the workout, the used equipment and the athletes name.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: MI 23.05.2018 (24:00 Uhr)
DESCRIPTION/ SCORESHEET: Qualification Workout 3
VIDEO: Qualification Workout 3